Sell My Tickets Please

Tickets Please is a ticketing platform that combines the features you need to run a successful event with local promotion that sells more tickets. We offer friendly set-up and support, online and by-phone sales, promotion through our website and via theHumm, as well as many other helpful features!

Service Features

  • Control all aspects of the ticketing process: inventory, pricing, promotional codes, customer information and detailed reporting of up-to-the-minute sales.
  • Tickets can be general admission or patrons can select their seats.
    We can create assigned seating to match your venue, or any table configuration for an event that involves a meal.
  • All fees are published to your guests up-front — no checkout surprises! You can absorb the fees in the cost of the ticket or tack them on top.
  • Use our free app to scan printed or mobile tickets at the door. Or you can print out a list and check people in the old-fashioned way. Your choice!
  • Other (and optional) features include the ability to: charge sales tax, accept donations, and add registration questions and waivers.
  • We take orders over the phone and on the website.

Additional Promotion

  • All upcoming events on sale at are also listed in a monthly print ad featured in theHumm newspaper.
  • Events are also listed in theHumm’s calendar (online at and in print).
  • If you sell tickets through Tickets Please, you receive a 10% discount on a print ad for your event in theHumm. Taking a stand-alone print ad also gets your event mentioned in the Hummail e-newsletter and on theHumm’s Facebook and Instagram feeds. We also offer free ad/poster design!
  • Your event is in good company on the Tickets Please website. When people are there checking out other shows in the area, they’ll see yours as well!

We’re here to help! Contact or call 613–485–6434 and we will create a custom package for your event.

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