Welcome to Tickets Please. Thanks for your interest. We appreciate that both customers and event organizers want a safe and transparent experience. We post both our terms of use for Event Organizers and Consumer in two sections. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at sellmy@ticketsplease.ca.


(ORG) = Event Organizer


It is the responsibility of (ORG) to ensure that all event and venue information is accurate on their event pages. Tickets Please will not be responsible for any errors.

Processing Fees

Online ticket sales: Tickets sold online will incur a $0.99 flat fee plus 3.5% of the ticket price with an additional fee for merchant processing calculated at a rate of 2.9% of the total transaction plus $0.30. This can be displayed to the ticket buyer as a single processing fee at checkout online at the discretion of (ORG).

Packages: The processing fee for each paid ticket package is simply the sum of the processing fee on each individual ticket included in the ticket package. The processing fee on each ticket is calculated against the new purchase price of each ticket within the package.

Non-ticket products: Tickets Please charges a flat $2.00 processing fee to the customer on non-ticket items (Memberships, and Gift Cards). Tickets Please does not charge a processing fee on donations. For all non-ticket products (including donations) 2.9% of the price of the non-ticket item plus $0.30 is deducted from your payout for the item to cover the merchant processing cost of the transaction.


By posting an event, (ORG) is making Tickets Please their exclusive online ticket seller, ensuring that all online sales for events on Tickets Please go through only one online ticketing system.

Sales and Marketing (may include)

  • Ticket sales 24/7 via the web on ticketsplease.ca
  • (ORG) may list events on theHumm’s events calendar at thehumm.com as long as the event meets the calendar criteria.
  • Inclusion in print advertising in theHumm newspaper.
  • Inclusion in digital advertising on theHumm.com.
  • Inclusion in theHumm’s Hummail email newsletters.
  • Customer contact and purchasing data for use in (ORG) future marketing. Customer data collected from transactions processed for (ORG) will become part of Tickets Please’s master customer list. Customers will have the opportunity to opt out of the e-marketing list.


If Tickets Please mails on behalf of (ORG), it will be at a quoted cost prior to contract signing.


(ORG) will identify Tickets Please on their website or on other event promotional material including online and offline marketing collateral as its ticketing provider. A Tickets Please image and text linked to ticketsplease.ca will be provided.


Payment to (ORG) for all sales will be gross funds collected less Tickets Please service fees and merchant account fees as included in this Agreement. Unless a custom agreement is reached with Tickets Please in advance, disbursements are issued by deposit into the (ORG) bank account within seven days of the end of the event.

Event Cancellation/Refunds

(ORG) authorizes Tickets Please to assess and process refund, return or exchange requests. In the event of a cancelled show, Tickets Please reserves the right to refund only the ticket cost, not the service fees.